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     Mary Lynn Byers
     Lake Ariel, Pa
     Phone:    (570) 430 7414

          Fund raisers:

   The Jewelry Express offers a terrific way to raise money for your 
   group or organization!

  What services do you get?? I bring all the merchandise, which is available
  for purchase, to your place of business or establishment. 
  I bring the displays and do the setup work, your group or organization 
  reap the benefits, which is 20%  cash back for all jewelry,scarfs and 
cross body bags (before sales tax). 

        Home Parties:
  Book  a Party and here's what you get!
​  *** $30 in FREE Merchandise, of your choice, day of your party.
  *** Up to 20% CASH (before tax) on all sales!
Here's a quick example:
Book a party...Pick out what you want in free merchandise of $30
Party sales total $800 (average sales)
You receive $160 in cash that day or night of your party!

  *** The CA$H is yours to keep!
  Yes! It's that easy...
  Free jewelry for having a party and  CA$H from your sales. 


 Fund-Raisers and Home Parties
Silver Birches
Red Hatters Luncheon